Waratah heaven…

I visited a local farm today that has rows of waratahs - bliss!! I spent time taking 250+ photos and brought some waratahs home to draw and sigh over... I find waratahs - Telopea speciosissima - irresistible - the bright red large flowers are found at the end of tall spires of leaves and can... Continue Reading →

Colour testing – ‘Waratahs’ Linocut

Here are the 3 colour samples I've worked on so far - I've noticed that some computer screens really mess with the actual colours - Waratahs Watercolour 1 - has pale green outside leaves - Waratahs Watercolour 2 - has deeper sepia type colours and Waratahs Watercolour 3 - has pale sepia colours. ...still deciding...any... Continue Reading →

Waratahs and Linocuts

Whilst I a working on with the current 'Waratahs' Linocut thought I'd just post a few of my previous linocuts using the Waratah - telopia speciosissima - as the inspiration... 1. NSW State Floral Emblem 7. 1998 Waratah 8. Wild Waratah 25. Waratah 82. Waratahs and Flannel Flowers 83. Waratah 02 96. Waratah Trio Australian... Continue Reading →

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