New Zealand Wildflowers…Linocut…Framed

I have just had the New Zealand Wildflowers Linocut framed for my son to take back with him to NZ. He chose a wide matt board and wide flat black frame – not something that I would have thought of choosing but it came up as quite dramatic and ‘clean’. I find framing my work the hardest thing to do often struggling with what I chose. It is so subjective – it seems no matter what I chose some people like it and some don’t.

New Zealand Wildflowers – Handcoloured Linocut

Final Linocut New Zealand Wildlfowers Linocut

Being impatient I usually end up putting one of the less successful prints on top of my oil heater to dry it as quickly as possible. So this is the one that dried much more quickly and today I managed to do the first handcolouring ‘master’ on which I record all the colours for each flower/foilage. Basically this is the final colouring I will use – there are some minor changes which I have noted but basically this is how the final linocut of this New Zealand Wildflowers design will be handcoloured and editioned.

Still deciding on how many to actually edition…perhaps 20…

I’ve listed it on my website.

New Zealand Wildflowers – Final print processes

New Zealand Wildflowers Linocut Print B&W

I finally made it into the studio to print this morning! This is an image of the first print off the block. The next step is waiting for it to dry and then handcolouring. I use an oil based ink to print the black which can take a few days to dry depending on the weather. I then do a sample handcoloured print working out exact colours – within the designing process I had already made the major decisions about the general colours I would use so it is a refining process at this stage. I usually mark on this ‘master’ the names and sample of all the colours I use for each flower/foilage.

This is quite a complicated design and very ‘busy’ – combinations of flowers, foilage and colour are quite complex – hopefully it will all work!!

So now I will wait for the ink to dry……..

Copyright – Lynette Weir

Linocut Carving – New Zealand Wildflowers

NZ Wildflowers Linoblock 2

I am working away steadily at the NZ Wildflowers Linocut. I have had RSI in my arm/shoulder/neck in the past and so am mindful to try and take regular breaks. I used to just carve and carve to finish each piece as soon as possible but have been persuaded in recent times by physios etc that really the better approach is to take breaks, stretch and vary what I am doing. This is one of the reasons I am also doing the botanical & fauna illustration work.

As you can see I am up to the ‘fiddly flowers’ – lots of small carved sections to create the overall flower…

Anyway the block is getting there slowly (for me!) but I am also battling the ‘flu at the moment as well.

I will try and post some of the flower images as I go along so you can see the actual flowers and what I’ve done with them within this design.

Copyright – Lynette Weir

Currently working on…Tawny Frogmouth Illustration & New Zealand Wildflowers Linocut…

Tawny Frogmouth \'Glare\' Fauna IllustrationI am currently working on 2 projects. The first is a continuation of some fauna illustration work – it is a Tawny Frogmouth. After drawing it up lightly on watercolour paper I added some light underwashes of colour with watercolour. I have then been slowly working using a rotring pen with black ink with tiny (and sometimes what seems endless!) dots to create the detail…it’s getting there…slowly…

The second project is finally carving the NZ Wildflowers Design linoblock.

Again getting there slowly…

New Zealand Wildflowers Linocut Block - Part 1