Carvings – Grevillea Imagining

A series of photographs from Instagram of the progression of carving the Grevillea imaginings lincout. It is quite a fine design with small parts so is by it’s nature slow & fiddly. I have however been struggling with chronic pain issues & life interfering with art!

It is progressing though & I am now in the final stages of cleaning up all those tine little edges. I am also on a deadline for this work so I need to get moving to printing & painting.

Handy Hint: One thing I have recently discovered, why I did not know nor think about it earlier I don’t know! I have put a small piece of non slip mat under the lino block whilst carving. Previously I have always butted one edge up against the carving board but often find I use my left hand/arm as an alternative for carving round different angles when this does not work. The non stick mat has made this much easier & taken a strain off my arm & shoulder which has made tings a lot easier!


In the garden…lilly pilly’s, cordylines, violets and grevilleas

Been busy with the HSC exam ‘taxi-run’ for my son and visiting my mother-in-law who is in a nursing home and been very unwell. I have done a little artwork in between but not a great deal but will hopefully show that later in the week. Sometimes it is hard to find the ‘headspace’ needed to work in amongst the ‘busyness’ – caring for others especially for frail elderly – even, or at times particularly, those in care, as nursing homes can often adopt a very beaurocratic formula that leaves little opportunity for individuals – this can require considerable skill to navigate!! It is rewarding interacting with our often forgotten ‘wise ones’ (and yes even those with dementia can still give us marvellous insights into the past and in how interesting the human mind can be) but it often leaves very little time for other things.

In the meantime here are some of the things currently flowering in my garden.

…a rainforest lilly pilly and cordyline flowers…

…some native violets that carpet many of my garden areas…

…a powderpuff lilly pilly and scarlet sprite groundcover grevillea…

In my garden today…birdwings and grevilleas..

Birdwing Butterfly Vine Flower

Birdwing Butterfly Vine Flower

This is the flower of the Birdwing butterfly rainforest vine – Aristolochia praevenosa.

It is currently flowering in my garden – as warmer weather looks like it is now approaching I will keep an eye out for the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

My Grevillea barklyana is also flowering – I completed a linocut in the past of this wildflower. It has soft pinkc conmb-like flowers with interesting ribbed leaves with a pink tinge on the end. This particular form if the Jervis Bay Form from the South Coast of NSW.

Grevillea barklyana - Linocut

Grevillea barklyana - Linocut