Getting back on track

It has been a long while since I posted on this studio diary. This is for many reasons including the ease at which Instagram & Twitter allow you to make quick updates & post images. So if you follow on Instagram or Twitter then you will see I am still working – drawing, designing, photographing & looking for inspiration every day.

I have also been working on small drawings & design works which I have been working up into larger works. I have not been able to carve in recent months due to ongoing issues post wisdom teeth surgery which I am still struggling with including issues with my vision. I have just got some new glasses which will help with that issue – I hope! Ongoing pain & nerve issues may take a bit or lot longer.

IMG_1557.JPG  img_1531

I have had to work in shorter bursts & in smaller & different ways

So lots of ideas, small sketchbooks, small drawings, designs, using my computer to develop larger works. This has meant a new way of thinking & working which I am quite enjoying.

I have also still been caring for family fairly closely for the past 2 years including extended periods of time away from home recently. It means I need to be fairly mobile with my artwork!

img_1678  img_3126

I have plans (and a venue with lots of support) for an exhibition in September 2017 & so I am now working towards a range of work to exhibit & expand my work.

I will be away again for a few weeks but have plenty of work & ideas to take with me!

Before I go I have been attempting a little carving which I haven’t been able to do for nearly 12 months & I realise how much I love this process & carving.


This piece is one of a set of 6 designs which are large & complex to carve in lino but I am looking forward to the challenge. Still have to figure out a plan to print them – need a much larger press than my little book press. Guess I’ll cross that issue when I get to it!


Australian Alphabets – Fine Art Linocuts Tutorial Video

– Australian Alphabets by Lynette Weir –

The process of developing my

Australian Wildflower & Wildlife Alphabets

Weird…Wonderful…Quintessential…an Australia Day Gallery





Paper Daisies


Country Schoolhouse


Gum Blossoms




Riverscape – Bellingen NSW


Jervis Bay NSW


Lake George – Canberra






Rock Valley Post Office NSW


Dog on the Tickerbox – Gundagai NSW






Abandoned Farmhouse NSW




Clarence River NSW


Rainforest Qld


Jervis Bay


Old Farmhouse Northern NSW








Stanwell Park NSW



Taa!! Daa!!! Print Studio painted and re-organised

A few weeks ago I proudly announced my new world of order – well that was the cupboards and reference material.

I had been avoiding the print studio.

It was distinctly un-ordered and well frankly ‘un-printable’. I had shoved some additional left over and ‘don’t know what to do with this’ materials and furniture up there, shut the door and tried to forget. But every time I needed to go in there I’d fall over it!!

So the print studio…my husband has been putting up some shelving for me. I have repainted old cupboards including laminex ones with a product that allows water-based enamel paint over oil based. They are back in place and this week I plan to finish ordering most of the studio.

…All lovely crisp white and sea blue…

Now all I have to do is stop procrastinating…

…making excuses…

…getting distracted…

…playing on the computer…