Carvings – Grevillea Imagining

A series of photographs from Instagram of the progression of carving the Grevillea imaginings lincout. It is quite a fine design with small parts so is by it’s nature slow & fiddly. I have however been struggling with chronic pain issues & life interfering with art!

It is progressing though & I am now in the final stages of cleaning up all those tine little edges. I am also on a deadline for this work so I need to get moving to printing & painting.

Handy Hint: One thing I have recently discovered, why I did not know nor think about it earlier I don’t know! I have put a small piece of non slip mat under the lino block whilst carving. Previously I have always butted one edge up against the carving board but often find I use my left hand/arm as an alternative for carving round different angles when this does not work. The non stick mat has made this much easier & taken a strain off my arm & shoulder which has made tings a lot easier!


Blue Mountains Wildflowers first prints

Well today I tackled the first printing of this new design.

I set up the print studio and rolled out the ink onto the glass plate ready to ink the carved lino block.

Blue Mtns Wildflowers Print 1

You get an impression of how the print will actually look printed from the first roll of the black ink onto the carved lino block.

It is exciting to see the image come up as you may or may not have imagined it. There are always surprises which is nice.

Blue Mtns Wildflowers Print 2

This is a section of the first proof pulled off – you will notice the mirror reversing of the image from block to print. this is always something to be aware of when designing and transferring the design to the lino block – ALWAYS REVERSE THE IMAGE TO CARVE THE BLOCK. This is especially relevant if you are depicting a particular scene or using lettering.

Blue Mtns Wildflowers Print 4

This is the first image if the first proofs of the design. I’m pretty happy with it.

I may do a little deeper carving on the two Banksias on the far edge of the design but I will see how it colours first.

Blue Mtns Wildflowers Print FIRST

Tawny Expressions – Linoblocks – Linocuts

tawny-expressions-linoblocksI have finally finished carving the linoleum blocks for the “Tawny Expressions” linocut print. They are smaller blocks but a lot of smaller complex carving with the No 1 blade so fiddly and time consuming. Carving larger expanses of open “white” space is far quicker and a bit more dramatic really.

So here they all are!

If you look at the edges around the carved designs you will see I haven’t as yet trimmed the blocks back. A good tip for carving is to leave a small edge that can be cut back with a knife when you have finished carving. As linoluem is a softer material it is easy to chip off an edge or even wear a corner off whilst carving. So if what you are looking for in a design is a nice even neat edge (well as best you can get given the pliable nature of the lino) then it is a good idea to leave a little around the edge of the design to cut back just before printing.

It has been extremely wet in our little corner of the world for a few weeksย  now so I will wait until it dries out a bit before printing them…in the meantime I am carving the Emu as well as continuing with finalising the alphabet designs.