Lynette Weir WeBSITE TITLE PAGE IMAGE.pngLynette Weir – Australian Linocut Artist – Soulsong

This is the main website showcasing my Artwork. In particular my Handcoloured Linocuts and Botanical & Wildlife Illustration. It includes link to full galleries of artwork.

It also has as a shop to purchase work and licensing/image use enquiries.

Soulsongart Tutorials Website Image
Linocut & Drawing Tutorials by Lynette Weir

Lynette Weir – Soulsongart Tutorials – Linocut & Art Tutorial website

This tutorial website is a compilation of my Studio Diary posts into hopefully easy to navigate linocut & drawing tutorials. The tutorials give some insights into my own arts practice. It must be remembered that other artists and linocut artists can and do work differently to the way I do – it is important to explore and experiment and find a way of working and representing that reflects your own vision.

Soulsongart Australian Linocut Artist Studio Diary Website
Soulsongart – Art Studio Diary

Lynette Weir – SoulsongartStudio Diary

Soulsongart is meant as a companion to my website with the aim of showing some of the inspirations for my work as well as keeping people up to date with what I am currently working on within my studio and artwork. I also am indulging my love of and interest in natural history – Australian wildflowers, wildlife and landscapes.

– Lynette Weir

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  1. Hello, my name is Lynette Weir. I live in Cibolo, Texas USA. I just now discovered your website. I was born in 1950 – did I get your name or did you get mine? I am also an artist – just for personal and family enjoyment. Just a note to let you know that there are two of us ~ Lynette (Lyn)

    1. Hello Lynette!
      I got your name – born 1963 – well kind of … I was not born a Weir but married a Weir in 1987 – so really only 26yrs young as Lynette Weir!!
      Have you any of your work on the ‘net? Would be great to see!
      kind regards

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