Studio Diary

Gymea Lillies Linoprint

Welcome to the new Australian Wildflowers and Wildlife Studio Diary of Lynette Weir – Soulsong.

I am an Australian artist who has been working primarily with limited edition hand coloured linocuts. My work has been largely based around Australian wildflowers and wildlife. Since I was a child I have had a fascination with Australian fauna and flora – growing up surrounded by bushland. Since High School I have sought to expand and develop this way of seeing wildflowers and wildlife – my favourite mediums at that time were drawing and photography. At Art College I began majoring in drawing but ‘discovered’ relief printing – linocuts and was drawn to the strong graphic quality that could be achieved.

This studio diary is meant to be a companion to my website with the aim of showing some of the inspirations for my work as well as keeping people up to date with what I am currently working on within my studio and artwork. I also am indulging my love of and interest in natural history – Australian wildflowers, wildlife and landscapes.

This Studio Diary contains art/linocut tutorials presented in a random blog fashion. If you wish you can now visit my SoulsongArt Tutorials site and find all the tutorials (and a few new ones) set out with easy navigation all in one spot. The art and linocut tutorials reflect the way I work as an artist and how I see my art practice and its development over the years. Artists all work differently – seeing and representing their ideas, world and the world around them. The tutorials are by no means an absolute way of working they simply reflect how I work, ‘see’ and represent my chosen subjects. In sharing the tutorials and pursuing my own vision for my work I hope to give some insights into my own arts practice. It must be remembered that other artists and linocut artists can and do work differently to the way I do – it is important to explore and experiment and find a way of working and representing that reflects your own vision.

– Lynette Weir –

13 thoughts on “Studio Diary

  1. Hi Lynette,
    Really enjoyed reading your wildlife Studio Diary and admire your process and resolve in creating your work.I know how hard it is to be an aspiring artist when as a mother you’re burdened with the duty of care for family/children etc.Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and lovely work
    cheers Laura

  2. Hi Lyn, love your work, I’m fairly new to linoprints and am fairly well self taught, doing lots of prints on textiles. Do you know if there are still classes or workshops being held on Lino printing?? And if so where??
    Top emu, lots of character !!

  3. Hi Lynette, I was just wondering if there were any particular concepts that you explore through your work, or whether you just like the theme of Australian flora & fauna. Thank you.

  4. Hi Lynette I have just started a printing course and loved reading on how you make your linocut prints it is good to see the cut lino and the print together
    thank you

  5. hi Lynette, I have loved linocut for years and find the graphic illustrations so dynamic. Working with linocut is like peeling back layers! What is the fine, cylindrical tool you use and where could I obtain one please?

  6. Hi Lyn, so happy to find your site! I have been trying to get started in linocutting from home and have struggled to source material and info just like you said; I am in country NSW. I am also interested in flowers and fauna. Can you advise any good blocks that are not too expensive for beginners and where to get them online? Thank you! Rach

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