Collections – Australian Floral Emblems

Whilst ‘on a roll’ I decided to update the info on this blog about another of my ‘Collections’ – Australian Floral Emblems.

In 2001 I was invited by Sutherland Shire Council Cultural Planning and Events Unit, for their Heritage Festival to produce a collection for exhibition based around the Centenary of Federation. This was the first invitation I received from this unit and came about after my participating as part of Group Exhibition in the Palm House Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney to celebrate the New South Wales State floral emblem – the Waratah – Telopia speciossima, in the ‘STATE OF THE WARATAH’ EXHIBITION – OLYMPICS ARTS FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 2000 – ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, SYDNEY.

Having grown up in the Sutherland Shire it was wonderful to focus on the wildflowers – flora – of this area (and Sydney sandstone) and was a nostalgic link back to my childhood.

The result of this invitation was the exhibition called ‘Florafed’.

 2001 'Florafed' Exhibition - Australian Linocut Artist - Invite Card

The focus of new work for this exhibition was the completion of the series of linocut prints based around the Australian Floral Emblems.

I then expanded the idea of using the central floral emblem surrounded by wildflowers  found that State/Territory – recognising ‘state boundaries’ don’t exist for wildflowers! This took an enormous amount of research and help from experts who I am grateful gave me the time. The result was a set of eight larger pieces known as:

‘Australia: A Nation of Wildflowers’

Below is a closeup of the Nation of Wildflowers – Nation of Wildflowers.

To ’round off’ the collection I produced a celebratory piece – ‘Emblems’.

Australian Wildflower Linocut - Australian Floral Emblems

To add to the ‘Heritage Festival’ element of the exhibition I was commissioned to produce 2 works based on the Sutherland Shire – these now form part of a collection for the Sutherland Shire sister city of Chuo, Tokyo.

They are “Wildflowers – Sutherland Shire”  based around the ‘Gymea Lily’ – Hazelhurst Regional Gallery is in Gymea in the Sutherland Shire and “Kurnell – Endangered Ecology” highlighting the endangered ecological community of flora found at Kurnell (part of he Sutherland Shire and ‘Birthplace of the Nation’) and the idea of an image of a book closing and losing these important flora communities.

Australian Wildflower Linocut - Wildflowers Sutherland

Australian Wildflower Linocut -  Kurnell Wildflowers - Endangered Ecology

To see the collection in full please visit my website – Lynette Weir.

oooppps…Australian Floral Emblems…less one

This is like that game “look what’s different between these two images”. Can you see the difference?

The only problem is that the top one is the ‘finished’ design carved and printed.

The second one is how it should look with ALL the Australian Floral Emblems including the beautiful ACT Royal Bluebells Wahlenbergia gloriosa.

So it is back to the carving board to recarve the whole design with the Bluebells.

The Big Ride for the Big Issue – Jerseys

Just a quick update on the girls doing ‘The Big Ride’ for The Big Issue. Anne and Jo completed a fundraising ride on May 23rd – you can find their blog about this event here. Here is a photo of the participants wearing their new jersey’s with my Australian Floral Emblems design on them! Very impressive!

On 31st May, Anne – who is also a singer – held a fundraising gig – and here she is in the new jersey! My jerseys should arrive in the post this coming week – can’t wait to see them. Also great to see the amount raised by Jo and Anne to buy new equipment for The Big Issue office in Melbourne has almost reached their goal of $10,000 – great work!


The Big Ride for the Big Issue

58emblems2001webA little while back I was approached by Jo Southwell to use one of my designs on cycling jerseys which would be worn for The Big Ride that she and Anne Hayres are participating in that is a series of fundraising cycling events culminating in a ride from London to Paris in July. They are doing this to raise funds and awareness of The Big Issue magazine whose program supports the homeless and whose motto is “A hand up not a handout”

I gave them permission to use my Australian Floral Emblems design on the left.

The cycling jersey designs have been completed and are now in production! I am very pleased to be able to support this important work.

I think the design of the jerseys is great and have been really impressed with the results. Athough I must admit my cycling – well bike riding really – consists of occasionally meandering around quiet back roads in my small town thinking about life on sunny days!


I think this is a great thing to support and would encourage others to also support The Big Ride and The Big Issue – they do some wonderful work and support of many people who need a helping hand. For more information about the jerseys you can contact me here.

Another blogger – Charlie Ward has been talking about his participation in this event as well.

Jo Southwell has kindly supplied me with some additional information about the ride and what they have achieved so far so I am adding this below.

What is The Big Ride for The Big Issue?

The Big Ride is a fundraising event to raise money for The Big Issue. The Big Issue assists homeless people achieve their goals and reconnect with the community. The Big Issue supports people by giving them a hand up – not a hand out – by supporting them to sell street papers and also supports homeless soccer and other ventures. We have chosen to join the adventure of cycling from London to Paris in July 2009 in this organised fundraising cycling challenge. Our challenge is to make a change to our own lives and to the lives of hundreds of Big Issue vendors! We will cycle 60-90 miles (that’s 100-140km!) a day, finishing the day before the Tour de France finishes on the Champs-Elysees.

Who is doing The Big Ride?

Jo Southwell and Anne Hayres, both keen cyclists, with a social conscience.

Why do it?

We are doing The Big Ride to promote the many benefits of cycling and to assist the great efforts of The Big Issue in assisting Melbourne’s homeless people achieve their goals.

More about our Fundraising

Our personal contributions are our airfares, registration costs, bicycles and gear, local expenses in London and Paris and our time and energy in organising the plethora of fundraising events. We need your help to raise $10,000- as of end of April, we have raised $8734, from a few music events, a sausage sizzle, a cycling trivia night, auctions of donated goods, a hot cross bun drive, and sales of our own cycling jersey. Schwob’s Bakery, Degani Bakery, The Cloth Shop, Ventou, and artist Lynette Weir, have all provided invaluable sponsorship support, as have many other local Melbourne businesses, friends and family. The majority of money (75%) from our fund raising efforts will go directly to The Big Issue in Australia, to upgrade their computers and colour printer for their core business- The Big Issue magazine. The remaining 25% goes to The Big Issue UK to cover their costs associated with organising The Big Ride, such as accommodation and food. Many thanks for your help in our venture to support homeless people to help themselves, and reconnect with their communities.

Australia Day – Golden Wattle and Wildflowers

Golden Wattle

Golden Wattle

Today – 26th is Australia Day – a public holiday here in Australia and a day to celebrate all things Australian – so today I am celebrating our unique wildflowers with some of my linocut designs.

The Golden Wattle – Acacia pycnantha is the Australian floral emblem.

Below is a design incorporating all the Australian State and territory floral emblems.

Australia – A Nation of Wildflowers


Australian Floral Emblems – Drink Coaster – Linocut Design

Australian Floral Emblems

Back in May I was commissioned to design an Australian Floral Emblems drink coaster for the Hanna Group. The coasters have been produced and are now available!!

This is the design – it was to include all the Australian State and Territory floral emblems surrounded by the Australian floral emblem – the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha).

The concept was that there was no real ‘up’ and so the coaster can be swung around in a circle to reveal each of the emblems.

Waiting for oil based ink to dry … and Handpainting Linocuts

Commission Linocut Colour Working ProofI am still waiting for the commissioned linocut print’s oil based ink I use for printing my linocuts, to dry….I’m sure you all know of waiting on paint to dry…it sometimes, depending on the weather, takes days. Fortunately with printmaking we are using thin even layers (well hopefully – many a print has been discarded due to uneven inking of the block…frustrating at times, and costly) but it still takes time to dry. The weather is quite nice (at least it’s not raining but there is a definite nip in the air which makes even drying the washing on the clotheslines take longer.

The reason for using oil based inks is so that when I handpaint with traditional artist watercolours the oil based ink of the printed area repels the watercolour. If you were to use a waterbased ink (which dries quickly and cleans up with water) then when you come to handpaint it also dissolves the water based ink. Also you get such a lovely lustrous black with the oil based ink which highlights the colour of the transparent watercolour which I also like.

Anyway…in the meantime I have completed the colour proof of the heater dried print – probably not the best for the paper but it is only a working proof (see above for the partial image). It is a working proof which means I record the colours used on the print (just by penciling them in on the border and sometimes painting a little square of colour) and note any changes I would make on the final editioned prints.

Whilst waiting for the ink to dry for the final prints am handcolouring some of the New Zealand Wildflowers prints….

Copyright – Lynette Weir