Black beans

Blackbean 1The local black bean trees Castanospermum australe have been flowering. The actual flowers occur along the branches and are a spectacular orange/yellow in colour. This unusual tree is part of the Faberceae/pea family.

They are lovely trees with larger green leaves that provides shade however the large seedpods and leaves are poisonous to livestock so this tree is not a favourite with farmers.

Blackbean 2 Blackbean 3

I have used this flower as part of my miniature series of linocuts – M2. Miniature Black bean.


2 thoughts on “Black beans

  1. Hi Lyn
    Your wonderful linocut images would make fantstic patchwork quilts. Have you thought of (or do you already) advertising in quilting magazines or getting a fabric artist to draft up some patterns?

  2. Hi Boobook,
    Thankyou for your kind words about my work! I have friends who patchwork/quilt but I haven’t ventured that way. Life has just been way too hectic for the last few years – perhaps it would be something to think about…..

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